Saturday, March 21, 2009

How many pages....

have I scrapped in the last 17 years? Hard to say, because I have given away so many for gifts! We got into this conversation at KMA, which made me think about what the boys are going to do with all of these albums if I keep scrapping until they are adults! (Which I fully intend to do!)

They might have to have a separate room in their future homes just for all the scrapbooks I have for them! Here is where I currently store my albums-the shelf is from Ikea and works perfectly for my Creative Memories Albums.

I mostly give my mini's away for gifts, but the few that I have that are my own-I place into the basket on the shelf.

How many pages have you scrapped, and how do you store your albums? ...just curious!

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Pics from the big birthday bash!...

The Crazy Cousins....of my moms.

Gram with the four grandchildren.

Gram and ALL of her great-grandchildren!

The WHOLE family-a rarity.

My Dad and his high school friend Dave.

My mom with her high school friends....Sharon, Donna, Barb, Greg

My Gram and her dear helper Audrey!

My Gram and Cousin Larry.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The week flew by!

WOW! Hard to believe that they week has past. Our families all planned for it for so long, and it came and went in such a hurry! My dear Gram looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL in her purple (her favorite color) dress she picked out! She wore a tiara that her "helper" brought made her feel just like a "queen for a day!" She stood at the door and greeted all of her guests for almost 3 hours straight....over 200 people. Family came from all over....California, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota.....etc. Gram was always worried she might not make it to this milestone....but, she did and it was wonderful! So many people commented about how she was ninety, and no wheelchair......if only her mind was as clear as her body is strong! She did SO well!

Here is to more wonderful years....and good times with this beautiful woman....


I love you Gram! :)