Monday, September 24, 2007

One grandma just left Sunday and my other grandma is coming Tuseday night. My mom is still walking with her walker and wearing her back brace, and will be for a while. She is reading the Yada Yada prayer group books from the girls at SPRIT 92.9, and can't wait to scrapbook. My brother and I both made student concil at our schools.
Grandama was a really big help to us this week she was here, she cleaned, cooked, washed clothes, and took us shopping. We will miss all of her help!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today is a sad day for me, I (Missy's Mom) will be returning to Albuquerque. It has been a full week of getting Missy organized, making her comfortable, doing household chores, and help keep a good mind set. Missy has come along way since returning home on Tuesday. However, she still has a long road ahead of her. It has been my pleasure to have helped her and her family out during this very difficult adjustment. You don't know how important the calls, cards , flowers and visits have meant to Missy. She still needs your continued support in the days to come too.
As her mother I wish I could do more, but living so far away makes it very difficult. That is why I felt good now being able to spend these last eight days with her and her family. Now, Dennis' Mom will come and take over which is still needed for Missys care and well being. I Love you very much, Missy, and hopefully when we see each other again you will be more pain-free. You have a lovely family too, you all have a good mind set, just keep it up!......................I will miss our daily chats and laughs, but mostly miss taking care of you and making you happy and comfortable! Love you bunches.................MOMOM

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This has to be the fastest entry ever....but, it really is me! I just gave my mom the eyes to find a way to my basement, and the puter. I just want to say that things are going well....each day gets easier! But, I am so moved by ALL the cards I have recieved in the mail...and many from people who only know my through the puter! What an awesome feeling it is to have to much love coming from all over! Today there was a knock at the door with BEAUTFIL Gerber Daisies! Only Dennis knows they are one of my favorite flowers! Upon opening the card...they came from a computer scrappin friend Lizzette! Boy, she made my day!!!! I SO miss my scrappin, and chattin online! Gotta go....shouldnt be sitting! Miss you all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

She's Home!

Just to let you know that Missy (Melissa) is home.....finally today. Her bowels FINALLY woke up!!! LOL Dennis and I (her mother) brought her home mid-morning. Just trying to get settled in and making Melissa comfortable. Missy's pain is much more managed and she seems to be doing better. These last three days were very miserable for Missy. She is now adjusting to her back brace which is a huge adjustment. Tomorrow she will attempt a shower. Missy and Dennis live in a 4 story house, therefore, we were all taught by her physical therapist to help Missy up and down the steps with her walker( from the side) tricky, but it works. When Missy's
grmarma came yesterday for a visit, grma "Onie" made Missy smile-laugh for the frist time, a great sight. Bye for now..............

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update: Not Home Yet

Mom is okay today, but is still in the hospital. :( She's had an on and off fever, and the nurses have almost tried every trick in the book to get her bowls to move. Hopefully she can come home tomorrow. Our Grandma from New Mexico arrived Saturday to help with Mom's recovery. Thanks for your prayers for our family through this time.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday the 14th. Last night was a long night. A lot of pain and discomfort, topped off with Nurses that do not communicate very well with each other or the patient!
Doing a bit better today, we got her up and walked again, and may work on steps this afternoon. Doctor has been great, reminds us that this is NOT a race and we need to take our time and be patient.
More Later.......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My mom has finally got out of surgry and is sleeping in her hospital bed. The doctor said everything went well and no problems. In a few days she will back at home in a few days and we will keep you posted if anything changes.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Vacation, Birthday, School, and Sadness...

I am not sure even where to start with this post! So much has transpired since my last post! The boys and I had a wonderful vacation visiting my family in New Mexico last week. Coming home meant the boys had to head back to school, and I have to prepare for upcoming surgery! We were able to do a few touristy things, bu mostly just spent time around the pool in my parents back yard. We had our favorite eateries that we couldnt miss out on while we were there...Quarters BBQ, Dions Pizza, Cherry Limes from Sonic, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and of course authentic mexican food!! My father turned 61 while we were there, so in celebration he and my cousin Larry took the boys (Josh, Tay, and my nephew Nolan) golfing! I think my Dad had the numbers mixed up...thinking he was 16 he was doing cannonballs off the diving board that afternoon! All the way around it was a wonderful trip! Of course the boys and I were happy to get home to Dennis! I missed him!

On Tuesday not only did the boys start school, but Taylor also celebrated his 11th birthday! They are getting so big before my very eyes! Tay started 5th grade and Josh started 8th! Josh loves school, so he was happy to be back, but, Tay was sad to see summer end!

While we were on vacation my dearest of friends, Jenny, called to say that her FIL had been hit by a truck while walking. He was airlifted to our area hospital. My heart breaks knowing what her and Rich and their family has been through in the last week! He was called to his eternal home last Sunday! Please pray for peace for their family during this difficult time! During this time have I been able to reflect on the friendship that Jenny and I share....We have known each other since elementary school...and she is the dearest soul! She is more like family to me! We are seperated by about 100 miles, but manage to talk on the phone daily. When our families get together we ALL enjoy every minute together. Jen, you make my heart smile!