Friday, January 11, 2008

Miracles DO happen....

So, you ask, where are the photos for this layout? Well, let me share! Last week my sister's friend Stacy (37 years old) returned home from a visit with family in Wisconsin for the Holidays! She hadn't been feeling well. Upon arriving back in Albuquerque, she went to the ER. After undergoing tests, she found out that she has cancer of the pancreas. This past Tuesday the news came that she would only have months left on this worldly planet! I don't personally know Stacy, but I went to high school with her husband Tom. They have 3 beautiful girls ages 15, 11, and 9. The oldest Kylie babysits for my neice and nephew!

So, I ask that you pray for Stacy and her family, that God perform miracles!

Secondly, I ask for your help in creating generic 12x12 layouts in the theme of family to send to her. What a beautiful gift for her to leave her children of all the memorable family times they shared in the event that the good LORD decides to call her home. Where you ask, will she put all these layouts that are being created? Well, thanks to my mom, she willingly offered to purchase the album! (thanks mom!)

Last night as I created this layout I was able to remember not only the wonderful times my family has shared together, but also how thankful I am for each day with them! The quote "live each day as if it is your last"....has really made me reflect!

So, if you are willing to create for this wonderful family you can email me at for the information as to where to send your layouts when you are finished! Stacy does not know about this! (her sister does!) Let's show her the love of the scrapbooking world, and the importance of why we create!

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and consideration!

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aimee said...

Oh wow, saying a prayer for her and her family. So kind of you to do that for them...very nice idea!