Saturday, April 12, 2008

God's Plan...

This morning the phone rang at 7:30, and both Dennis and I looked at each other with concern. The phone usually doesn't ring that early on a Saturday morning! It was my dearest friend Jenny, who was with her son Griffin the hospital. Now, let me back up to last weekend. Jenny is my scrapping pal-and we have been friends since elementary school. Last weekend she and I were at a retreat scrapping. That was the first time that we had been together since my diabetes diagnosis! So, she learned all about counting carbs, checking glucose levels, and what I couldn't eat! She asked alot of questions, which made me feel good, as I felt like she truly cared about what I was going through. We try to talk on the phone almost daily, so yesterday during our phone converstaion she was telling me about Griffin being thristy all the time, and going potty alot. She said after hearing me talk about how my diabetes got started, she figured they better get things checked out, and made an appointment for Monday.

Now, let me tell you a little more about Griffin....he loves Kindergarten, and is one of the most intelligent 6 year olds you will meet. He loves his Webkins....too!
Last night little Griffin ended up in the hospital, and guess what the doctor's told him?

He has Type 1 Diabetes!

My heart breaks for Rich and Jenny, but at the same time I feel this overwhelming POWER in all of this. They, too, will get through this like I have. There is alot to learn, but they are wonderful parents, and will conquer this obstacle. Jen told me on the phone this morning "there was a reason I got this!" help her understand this disease before this news they recieved today. She said she didn't feel quite so "clueless"!

So, as I reflect on my past 5 months of living with this Disease....I realize how this was all part of God's plan for Griffin and I! I am so glad that I can be there for Jen and her family! We will walk side by side, just like we have in so many other parts of life throughout our friendship!

I know that God chose Griffin and I to be his special Diabetic Warriors! I know this was all HIS PLAN! are special..........(so is your mom, dad, and Logan)...but, you are really special to be chosen by God to live with Diabetes! We love you! Sending great BIG hugs to all of you!


Heather said...

wow. so great that you're there as their support system through all of this!

Janice said...

Hugs to Griffin and his family! I think you now can see some of Gods bigger picture!! God is so good!!
Hugs Friend!

Anonymous said...

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Lissie & Chris said...

He couldn't have a better guardian angel than you to watch out for him!
Hugs and prayers for the little guy.

aimee said...

wow, Melissa! How great you can be a support for them right now, God is so amazing! :)