Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a LONG time.......

I could list a ton of excuses, but let me just say I am sorry that I have abandoned my blog, for those of you that have been checking!

Of course summer not only brings with it beautiful weather, but all those activities like soccer, softball, and the like. To sum it up......Dennis made 2 Canada fishing trips. Josh marched in 14 parades, went to Mt. Rushmore for a week with the marching band, then a week in northern MN teaching bible school on an indian reservation. Tay and I made a very last minute trip to Boston to meet my sister, my mom, and my nephew. Nolan was seeing a specialist there for his eye disease! We also enjoyed several days at a friends cabin with Dennis' brother Doug and his family! It was great fun!

The biggest news in our house, is that we added a furry four legged friend to it! "Champ" came to our home on July 2nd...and is totally spoiled! Not ever having had a pet in all my years, I am quite shocked at myself at how much I enjoy having him here. He is part Beagle and part Rat Terrier. Therefore, we don't let him off his leash, as he will never come back! He is a year and a half old, and is spending his spare time burying his bone in the hostas!

We are leaving next week for a few days to Chicago, then onto Green Bay for Packer training camp. My cheesehead is beside himself!!! We are looking forward to some enjoyable family time.

I hope that you are all having a great summer! I will try to update again SOON! (not 2 months)

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