Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend was Homecoming here! Despite the bronchitis, I pushed myself to go to the game. It was a great football game, with an even better halftime performance by the marching band (of course I am biased).
It was unseasonably warm (85 degrees), so we sat under the stars with only t-shirts! Of course, our home team WON!! Following the game was the Homecoming dance for the high school, Josh had his first BIG dance night! When I was in high school Homecoming was a semi-formal affair, but now-a-days it is not anything like that! They all went wearing their Homecoming t-shirts! Josh had a date, and tells us it was great FUN, but that is all the details he will share with us!
His friend Brittany is a total sweetheart, and spent the day hanging out with our family yesterday! Today we were back to FALL.....with cool temps, and a heavy sky. The trees are really changing.....I love this refreshing time of year!


Nolan said...

Wow, time is flying, josh is now a young man. I hope you had a great time at homecoming, you are making such wonderful memories. And you are such an example for Nolan and Alix, they look up to you so much. Thanks for being so important to them and doing all that your,football,church, you are busy but keep up the good work. We love you and miss you dearly...soon tay and nolan will be following in your footsteps.
Auntie Sara
p.s. CUTE COUPLE, you look so happy with Brittany

Anonymous said...

Josh...........this isn't the little Josh I babysat for every Monday , is it?Where did the years go? You are growing up too fast! I am so proud of all your accomplishments. Keep up the positive attitude. However, I am not sure that I am ready to see a girl attached to your life! do look happy in the Homecoming picture....and happiness counts in life! Stay cool! Your Loving Grma Carolyn