Monday, June 1, 2009


We are all living one right now....but, once in awhile it spins out of control. Like ours has in the past 2 months. I know....blah blah blah. In a NUTSHELL, my gram and I flew to New Mexico for Easter and my Sister's wedding, Josh starting marching band, Taylor is noticing girls, I flew back to New Mexico after my sister's seizure and accident, school has ended for the year, I started working in house at Creative Memories 1-2 days a week, and now Dennis is leaving to AZ on Thursday as his father is not well. So, I will breifly recap with a few photos, and hope that it will not be 2 more months before I post again.

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Anonymous said...

MEMORIES are forever! These pictures are the good memories our family has all shared in the last few months. Great to see fun pictures of Josh and Taylor too. Even though our family has experienced tragic times lately , it all brings us together with a different meaning. We know we can not take things for granted and we must live and love everyone to the utmost. God has put alot on our "plate" but He has also blessed us with each other and spared us from what could have been a real tragedy when Sara had her seizure and accident. To everything there is a reason....and we are thankful that you, Missy, came to our rescue when Sara had her accident. I don't know what Alix and Nolan would have done without their "Anne". Now, we pray for Dennis dad that he will overcome his illnesses and God will grant
him His healing touch. We love you...... Love, MOM & DAD