Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Weekend!

Wow....hard to believe it is Friday already! I just wanted to ask for some additional prayers before my first return to the doctor on Monday! We will find out if the bone has started to regrow or not! My days are dependent on my activity! More activity=more pain, less activity=less pain. So, I do the best to try and lay low.

This weekend will be an exciting one at our house! Dennis' siblings are all coming to town! He has not seen them in 10 years-2 brothers, and 1 sister! He is hopeful that they will be able to start fresh, as their relationship has been somewhat strained! I am so excited for Dennis, and proud of him for stepping out of his box, and making the effort to invite them all here!

Tonight Josh has another school dance! It is so fun to see the excitement that goes into a night out for these teens! This time around it has not been so much about the girls as it was last month! My mom chaperoned last month when she was here with us, and had to make sure that there was the right amount of space between each couple while they were dancing! Grandma won't be there to keep her eye on things this time, but mom and dad are trusting his judgement, and the judgement of the other parents chaperoning this dance!

Tay and his friend Spencer are going with Dennis and I to Alexandria for a suprise 25th anniversary party for my aunt Janell and uncle Gary this evening!! (hopefully she doesnt look at my blog in the next 4 hours!) This will be my first travel, and am just thankful that I am able to go and make my breif appearance!

Wishing you all a wonderful fall filled weekend!...I will update Monday afternoon on my doctors visit! Thank you all for your concern and prayers!


Lucy Chesna said...

prayers and hugs for you girie...good luck on monday and let us know of the results at the doctors

Tracey said...

Best of luck with that visit. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mom and Dad said...

Missy, We wish you the best at tomorrows doctors appointment. We will cross our fingers and toes, and say a prayer with our heart and hands that you will get good news tomorrow. We Love you!