Friday, October 5, 2007

Give Thanks, With a Grateful Heart!!!

Hello Dear Friends and Family! I am sorry for the break in between posts, but we are trying to keep up around here with out Grandmas!!!

First of all I need to say THANK YOU to SOOOOO many of you for the beautiful cards, phone calls, emails, flowers, meals, jammies, and SO much more! I got a couple in the mail today, and each day they humble me! Just thinking about how much love and concern that I am surrounded by is overwhelming. I have gotten cards from friends of friends, friends of my parents, friends of my grandmother.....some who don't even know me! The prayers and kindness of those is SO much appreciated right now!

I would like to shout out to the following people:

All the girls at Scrapbook Doodle who have sent wonderful pieces of art!

To my KMA friend Lizette for a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!

Dr. Bell and staff(my mom's office) for the beautiful flowers!

Apperts Foodservice (Dennis' employer) for the beautiful flowers!

Friends Doug and Joy-for graciously keeping the boys overnight while I was in the hospital, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a wonderful hotdish!

My Aunt Janell and Uncle Gary for the Beautiful flowers!

Friends Julie and Grace from church-for the beautiful flowers!

Friend Linda- for taking me out to eat a couple of nights before my surgery and bringing me a fuzzy friend and balloon at the hospital!

Friends Dan, Sherrie, Mitch, and Ashley-who kept the boys overnight while I was in the hospital, and bringing me the cutest "cow jumped over the moon" jammies! Gosh, and I can't forget the yummy apple pie!

Diana and Dawn-from the local Christian radio station who sent a Yada Yada Prayer Group book!

My friend Denise for a wonderful meal!

Friends Joe and Sue who brought yummy fried chicken for dinner one night, and also a gorgeous mum for outdoors!

For friend Rachel (our pastor's wife)- who spent a morning with me doing laundry and keeping me company in between our mom's!

To my previous co-workers at Comfort Keepers who brought a lovely sloppy joe meal on Monday!

To our pastors-Pastor Jon, Pastor Nelson and Pastor Dare-for the hospital visits phone calls, and many prayers! Oh-and Pastor Jon-you make a wonderful Enchilada casserole!!

To our wonderful friends Jen and Rich-for spending time at Let's Dish making wonderful meals for us! Also the extra meals that you made-meatballs and meatloaf! To Jen for picking my mom up at the airport and bringing her to the hospital! And for bringing all those scrumptious goodies to the hospital! Andes Mints and Cheese Puffcorn-my favorites!

and of course to my mom and my mother in law- for flying in for a week each, and keeping our household afloat! Their jobs weren't always fun ones!
To my 88 year old Gram who also came to spend the week here when my mom was here-who brought me breakfast in bad each morning, and kept me company throughout the day, made wonderful banana bread and ridded my house of the dust bunnies before she left! She is one of my bestest friends!

and to EVERYONE who has thought about us in the last month-I thank God for you each day!

How am I doing? well.....aside from during the night, I am able to get around the house without my walker. Today I managed a shower on my own (with Dennis standing right there just in case!) I have been playing a little with my scrap goods (smiling profusely)! I don't see the doc until the 29th-in which I will have an x-ray that day to determine if the bone has started to regrow! Until then I will just follow his orders and lay low!

The boys.....are still being boys! They have helped out SO much around here! But, we have made sure that they continue being kids!

My limit of 15 minutes of "sit" time has passed, and therefore I should find myself back on the couch!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support!


Mom and Dad said...

Missy, are welcome! You deserved all those special gifts and attention, you are a great daughter and everyone had an opportunity to show you how much we ALL care. We know you have been through alot and in each day we hope that you and your family are able to move forward better by a special card you receive, a phone call or just all now being able to sit at the same table to eat dinner. You have been blessed and hope that on Oct 29th the doctor will give you great news.....and we can ALL have a more grateful heart and big smile! We Love you.
Mom (and of course, your Dad!)

Anne said...

Melissa, you are so very welcome...we just can't wait to have you back at Scrapbook Doodle, we miss you! I'm thrilled that your recovery, although slow, is going well! HUGS!

Lucy Chesna said...

you are welcome girlie....we cant wait to have you back here at scrapbook doodle with us...big hugs girlie

Jaime said...

so good to hear that you are continuing to improve! Glad to see you back on the boards a bit at Scrapbook Doodle! HUGE ((hugs)) and happy recovery thoughts coming your way!! Take care!

Lissie & Chris said...

You are more than welcome. I'm glad to see you back on your feet! Take good care of yourself.

Scrapworthy said...

You're looking good Melissa - here's something for you to do while you're housebound and recovering - you've been tagged!

Sandy said...

Melissa, Great to hear of you continued progress.. fun to see your pictures (you certainly look like your mom).. and Grandma Wright looks great. .. keep up the good work... love, sandy in california

Yvonne said...

Your welcome Mellisa! Big Hugs - Yvonne