Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So much to tell!!!

Does that surprise you?? Me....have something to say??? Each day is getting better for me. I am still taking pain meds, but make progress each day! I have had the boys put the walker in the crawl space (woohoo!), as I don't need that to get around anymore! Other than my back there is so much afloat here at our house!

Josh is taking part in a Haunted House with our friend Doug. Josh agrees with Doug now that it is much more fun to scare someone than to be scared. He wears a mask, and said the best part is scaring people that he knows, but they don't know it is him!

Tonight is conferences at school for both of the boys! I anticipate that they are both doing well. The hard part is to keep them both focused. Seems that Josh is involved in so much, I don't know how he stays on task most days. Dennis and I have begged him to slow down, but he says he wants to do it all.....basketball, WEB leader, Student council, band, jazz band, volunteer at local nursing home, etc.

Last weekend the boys and Dennis planted shrubs and a couple of trees in our bare naked yard! They say Fall is the best time to plant, and what a wonderful gift from my MIL! Now, to just wait a couple of years for them to fill out, and it will look wonderful!

I have been happily playing with my scrap goods, and will share some of my recent layouts with you....

Hope that you all have a wonderful week!


Jaime said...

so glad to hear you are getting about without the walker!! that's awesome!! ((hugs)) to you girlie for a continued recovery!

Anne said...

the yard is gorgeous! I miss MN in the fall!!!! :( So glad you're feeling better!!!!