Saturday, September 22, 2007


This has to be the fastest entry ever....but, it really is me! I just gave my mom the eyes to find a way to my basement, and the puter. I just want to say that things are going well....each day gets easier! But, I am so moved by ALL the cards I have recieved in the mail...and many from people who only know my through the puter! What an awesome feeling it is to have to much love coming from all over! Today there was a knock at the door with BEAUTFIL Gerber Daisies! Only Dennis knows they are one of my favorite flowers! Upon opening the card...they came from a computer scrappin friend Lizzette! Boy, she made my day!!!! I SO miss my scrappin, and chattin online! Gotta go....shouldnt be sitting! Miss you all!

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Pat said...

So nice to hear from you personally - hope you're hanging in there! You are missed!