Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today is a sad day for me, I (Missy's Mom) will be returning to Albuquerque. It has been a full week of getting Missy organized, making her comfortable, doing household chores, and help keep a good mind set. Missy has come along way since returning home on Tuesday. However, she still has a long road ahead of her. It has been my pleasure to have helped her and her family out during this very difficult adjustment. You don't know how important the calls, cards , flowers and visits have meant to Missy. She still needs your continued support in the days to come too.
As her mother I wish I could do more, but living so far away makes it very difficult. That is why I felt good now being able to spend these last eight days with her and her family. Now, Dennis' Mom will come and take over which is still needed for Missys care and well being. I Love you very much, Missy, and hopefully when we see each other again you will be more pain-free. You have a lovely family too, you all have a good mind set, just keep it up!......................I will miss our daily chats and laughs, but mostly miss taking care of you and making you happy and comfortable! Love you bunches.................MOMOM


Stamp-o-maticmama said...

glad to hear she home.. thanks for all the updats my thoughts and wishes are going to you for a fast and painless recovery.. lots of love

Lucy Chesna said...

best wishes for you girlie... I hope for a fast and painless recovery...You are in my prayers