Monday, September 24, 2007

One grandma just left Sunday and my other grandma is coming Tuseday night. My mom is still walking with her walker and wearing her back brace, and will be for a while. She is reading the Yada Yada prayer group books from the girls at SPRIT 92.9, and can't wait to scrapbook. My brother and I both made student concil at our schools.
Grandama was a really big help to us this week she was here, she cleaned, cooked, washed clothes, and took us shopping. We will miss all of her help!!


Joy Madison said...

tell your mom that the girls at are thinking about her and praying for her!

Ginger said...

Yes we are! We really miss seeing her layouts and chatting with her! Please let her know we are thinking of her and praying for her speedy recovery!

Lissie & Chris said...

You guys sound like great sons! We miss your mom and hope she's on the road to a quick recovery.